The number of advertisements is increasing every day and people’s attitudes to ads vary . Some think advertisements should be banned and others say they should not be banned . Write a composition of 120 words or so on the topic“Should advertisements be banned ?” .

参考答案: Advertisements Should Be Banned
    Frankly speaking, I don’ t like ads on TV or other media . I strongly argue that ads should be banned because they bring us too many unrealistic fantasies, and also they contain deceptive and superficial things.
    On the whole, ads on TV always portray rich people and their beautifully decorated homes. They seem to live a happy, luxurious life. But, in reality, few people can afford that. Therefore, when people see the products advertised on TV, they may become depressed and sad about life, viewing themselves as inferior beings . Besides, ads on TV always encourage people to try new things, which is really a waste of time and money .
    To top it all off, regular TV programs are often interrupted by commercials, which are quite annoying. Sometimes, I even feel angry when this happens. So I think ads should be banned.
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