For this part , you are required to write a composition is based on the topic How to Solve the Energy Problem . You should write about 120 words and your composition on the outline below .1 . Some people think rigid conservation of natural resources is anapproach to energy crisis .2 . Some people believe the best way is to develop new sources ofenergy .3 . My opinion is …

参考答案: How to Solve the Energy Problem ?
    One of the biggest problems today is the coming energy crisis .It is threatening mankind’ s survival . The world is likely to run out of oil and metals and to run short of food in the future .
    Most countries react to it with the demand for more rigid conservation of natural resources. Indeed, this is urgently needed, for the present waste of energy is so serious . If used economically, we can certainly slow down the present drain on the limited energy supply. However, conservation alone is not the answer. Even if we can save much energy, we can only delay the energy crisis, but cannot solve it once and for all .How abundant certain natural resources may be, they cannot reproduce themselves and are bound to be used up ultimately.
   So in the long run we must find out new sources of energy. Man is highly adaptable and creative; since he is able to tap such resources as oil and metals, why can’ t he develop and harness solar energy, nuclear energy and other unknown energy resources ?
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