When John and Victoria Falls arrived in New York City for one-year stay, they did not bring very many things with them. They had planned either to live in a furnished apartment or to buy used furniture. But they soon learned about a new system that more and more people are using. The renting of home furnishings (bed, tables, dishes, and so on) has become one of America’s fastest growing businesses.

    What kinds of people rent their home furnishings instead of buying them? People who are international business or government officials, foreign students, airline workers, young married couple – people whose job or business may force them to move frequently from one city to another. They save a lot of trouble and the cost of moving their furniture each time. They simply rent new furniture when they reach their new homes. Young people with little money do not want to buy cheap furniture that they may soon dislike. They prefer to wait until they have enough money to buy furniture that they really like. Meanwhile, they find they can rent better quality furniture than they could afford to buy.

    One family, who now have a large, beautiful home of their own, liked their rented furniture so much that they decided to keep renting it instead of buying new things. But usually people don’t like to tell others about it. The idea of renting home furnishings is still quite new, and they are not sure what their neighbors might think. (248words)

1.[单选题]Which of the following can best serve as the title of the passage?
  • A.Rent or Buy
  • B.A New Way of Getting Home Furnishings
  • C.Furnished Apartments
  • D.A New Idea
2.[单选题]Young people liked renting home furniture in that __________.
  • A.They have less mone
  • B.They don’t want to buy old furniture
  • C.The new furniture is of good quality
  • D.They don’t have much money and don’t want to buy the cheap furniture
3.[单选题]Why do some people prefer to rent furniture?
  • A.Because the furniture they get in this way is new
  • B.Because it saves them a lot of money
  • C.Because it saves them much trouble and money
  • D.Because they can always get better quality furniture in this way
4.[单选题]Which of the following has become one of America’s fastest growing businesses?
  • A.Selling home furnishings
  • B.Renting furnished apartments
  • C.Selling used furniture
  • D.Renting home furnishings
5.[单选题]What can you infer from the passage?
  • A.The idea of renting furniture is not acceptable
  • B.Renting furniture is not popular in the couple’s home town
  • C.Only those who don’t have enough money to rent furniture
  • D.People usually grow to like the furniture they have rented
参考答案: B,D,C,D,B